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Distribution of reading comprehension by reading speed (WPM)

September 15, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Average Reading Speed

Explore the nuances of average reading speed and learn how to improve your reading speed and comprehension with insights from recent research.

Best apps for reading and writing with dyslexia

August 25, 2023

Best Software and Apps for Reading and Writing with Dyslexia

Read and write productively now, using our top recommended apps and software for reading and writing with dyslexia.

A tortoise and hare racing each other towards a book

August 25, 2023

Speed Reading and Dyslexia: What Works and What Doesn’t

Discover which popular speed reading methods work for those with dyslexia, which don’t, and how to adapt for better reading fluency and comprehension.

Person on a mountain of books

August 25, 2023

Reading Fluency and Comprehension Tips for Dyslexia

Rediscover the joy of reading, even with dyslexia. Dive into strategies for smoother reading fluency & comprehension.

A cat floating in the cosmos while reading a book and listening to music

August 25, 2023

Understanding Dyslexia for Improved Reading and Success

Understand dyslexia to overcome its challenges. Learn how it affects reading, as well as science-backed strategies to read better.

A lush forest growing from an open book

August 11, 2023

Reading Comprehension and Retention Tips for ADHD

Struggling with reading comprehension due to ADHD? Discover effective techniques to enhance reading focus, speed, and retention.

A book jumping rope

August 11, 2023

How to Stop Skipping Words While Reading

Explore the causes of unproductive word skipping in reading, particularly in those with ADHD, and uncover strategies to enhance reading.

Best apps for reading with ADHD

August 11, 2023

Best Software Tools and Apps for Reading with ADHD

Explore recommended software tools and apps to make reading with ADHD easier, more focused, and fun.

A person sprinting through a tunnel made of books

August 11, 2023

Speed Reading: the ADHD Reader’s Secret Weapon?

Explore how speed reading techniques can help individuals with ADHD read better. Learn the science and success stories of speed reading and ADHD.

A dark room with many computer screens

August 11, 2023

How To Do Online or Digital Reading with ADHD

Struggling with ADHD reading on a screen or online? Learn tips to minimize distractions, find focus, and enhance comprehension for digital reading.