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Unleash your reading and learning speed.

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SwiftRead PRO

Unlock your full reading and learning speed

SwiftRead presents text in ways that eliminate inefficient reading habits, which leads to a much faster reading speed. Use SwiftRead PRO to read up to three times faster, on the formats you care about, and with the tools you need to learn more.

Comprehend better with text-to-speech

Research shows that your comprehension improves when you read and listen to the text being read out loud to you. Turn on text-to-speech in SwiftRead PRO, listen to a human-sounding voice read to you, and supercharge your learning.

Maximize reading focus and comfort

Choose among eight premium fonts and twelve color schemes designed to help you maximize readability with minimal eye strain. Customize hotkeys, reading functionality. Read in the way that works best for you.

Unlock more formats

Speed through Kindle books on Kindle Cloud Reader, PDFs, and ePUB documents with SwiftRead PRO. SwiftRead PRO's native reading capabilities make speed reading these formats a breeze. Support for more document formats coming soon.

“SwiftRead PRO helped me reach the top of my class. I used the advanced features to get through my textbook reading much faster than before. SwiftRead PRO will pay for itself, multiple times over.”

Denise C.
University Student

“I get the jobs I want because I impress my clients with how much I know. They ask, ‘How the heck did you learn all of that?’ My response: I used SwiftRead PRO to speed read a handful of books and a countless number of papers.”

Vijay S.
Management Consultant

What would you achieve, if you could read up to three times faster?

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  • Unlock Speed Reading PDFs, Kindle Books in Kindle Cloud Reader, and ePUBs
  • Human-sounding Text-to-speech in 10+ Different Languages
  • 8 Premium Fonts and 12 Color Schemes designed for Productivity
  • Fully Customizable Colors, Hotkeys, and Settings
  • Access to All New Features Developed in the Future
  • Priority Support
  • Support Continued Development of SwiftRead
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Letter from the Founder

In college, my professors liked to torture their students by assigning mountains of reading.

Yet, I actually wanted to do the reading: I wanted to participate in discussions, do well on exams, and absorb the knowledge. On top of that, I loved reading books, articles, and papers about my favorite topics. I just couldn't keep up with the pace.

So I built SwiftRead to help me instantly 2-3X my reading speed and breeze through all my reading in a fraction of the time.

SwiftRead is now the top-rated speed reading browser extension and used by readers in over 100 different countries. Many of those users have upgraded to the PRO version to supercharge their reading and learning.

It's my mission to help people everywhere read better and learn more. I'm excited to keep improving SwiftRead as an innovative product that people love. I'd love for you to give SwiftRead PRO a try.


Troy ShuFounder and CEO of SwiftRead

P.S. My mom loves this baby photo of me reading. Born to read, walk, and create - in that order :)

Troy as a baby, reading