SwiftRead PRO is a browser extension designed to help you read at least two to three times faster while also maximizing your reading productivity. Fully control and customize your speed reading experience for increased focus, comprehension, and comfort as you read faster, save time, and learn more.

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Read Faster

SwiftRead PRO (formerly known as Spreed) uses a technique called rapid serial visual presentation, or RSVP, to help you read text faster. By presenting text this way, you reduce sub-vocalization ("sounding the words" out), unconcious re-reading, and eliminate eye movements, which are the main things holding back your reading speed.

Maximize focus and comprehension with premium typography and color schemes

SwiftRead PRO features eight premium fonts, including a font to help people with dyslexia, and several fonts used by companies like Apple, Amazon, and Google, because they were designed for optimal readibility. SwiftRead PRO even includes a font specifically designed to help those with dyslexia read more effectively.

SwiftRead PRO also features 12 color schemes designed from principles of how humans perceive color to help you maximize readability and comprehension with minimal eye strain. You can also customize the text, background, and highlight colors.

SwiftRead PRO color schemes and fonts
Use SwiftRead PRO on PDFs and ePUBs

Unlock the ability to speed read PDFs and ePUBs in one click

Speed through PDF and ePUB documents with SwiftRead PRO. SwiftRead PRO's native reading capabilities make speed reading PDFs and ePUBs a breeze.

Personalize your reading experience for focus and comfort.

Configure every aspect of your reading experience in SwiftRead PRO. Tell it how long to pause on longer words or punctuation. Set your own colors for text and background. Use your own hotkeys. Make reading with SwiftRead PRO comfortable and easy so that you can focus on reading and learning faster.

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Speed reading productivity tips ebook

BONUS: Learn the secrets of how SwiftRead PRO helps you read and learn faster

Included in your download of SwiftRead PRO is a free, bonus e-book describing the secrets to using SwiftRead PRO to read faster while also learning more. Topics include:

  •  Learn the principles behind why certain color schemes and fonts are more readable than others
  •  Proven reading and learning techniques you can apply while using SwiftRead PRO to further increase your reading comprehension and retention
  •  How to use SwiftRead PRO to speed read PDFs and ePubs

What Users Say About SwiftRead PRO

"I'm seriously impressed by SwiftRead. After evaluating its competitors, I decided that SwiftRead is the best RSVP addon out there. It will pay itself multiple times over for my PhD. Buy the PRO version; it's well worth it."

Michael H

"Mother of god, I am so happy. I feel SwiftRead PRO is the best money I have spent in a while. Thank you so much."

Arnab M

"I needed something that could help me read the thousands of pages of required reading. I upgraded to SwiftRead PRO to help digest large amounts of information, news articles, and media. It's an invaluable tool. Thank you for building it!"

David B

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SwiftRead store or send any of the text that I read? Nope! Unlike other apps, the SwiftRead (and SwiftRead PRO) browser extension does not store or send over the internet any text that you read with it. This means that whatever you read is private only to you.

What if SwiftRead PRO isn't right for me? No problem! I have a 30-day money back guarantee. Just send me an email within 30 days of purchase and I'll refund you, no questions asked.

What will I get after I purchase? You'll get a SwiftRead PRO license key, along with instructions on how to download the SwiftRead browser extension and activate the PRO features. See below for more details.

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Invest in your reading productivity. How much time could you save over your life if you could read and learn two or three times faster?


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  • Use SwiftRead to speed read PDFs and ePUBs
  • 8 Premium Fonts
  • 12 Color Schemes Designed for Productivity
  • Fully Customizable Colors, Hotkeys, and Settings
  • Prioritized Support
  • 1 BONUS eBook of Speed Reading Productivity Tips
  • Help support an indie developer and continued improvement of SwiftRead PRO

30-day money back guarantee

A note from the founder

In 2013, I had too much to read as an overworked college student. So I built SwiftRead to help me instantly double my reading speed and breeze through the reading I had to do on my computer: online textbooks, news articles, PDFs and any other text that I could copy-paste into SwiftRead.

SwiftRead (formerly known as Spreed) is now the top-rated speed reading browser extension of its kind and used by readers in over 150 countries. Many of those readers have upgraded to the PRO version to read faster and learn more. I'd love for you to give it a try.


Troy Shu
Founder, developer, and customer support for SwiftRead

P.S. Here's a picture of me reading before I even knew how to read:

Troy as a baby, reading