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How It Works

Supercharge your reading comprehension with text-to-speech

Unleash your reading potential and listen while you read, with SwiftRead's human-sounding text-to-speech.

Listen while you read, increase your comprehension and focus

Reading can be hard. Listening to words is easier. Enable SwiftRead human-like text-to-speech in 10+ languages (and counting) to read the text out loud to you, which enhances your reading comprehension and focus while you read.

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Critical reading.
Research studies suggest that reading and listening to words at the same time improves information comprehension and retention. Use SwiftRead text-to-speech to engage both the visual and auditory systems, immerse yourself in your reading, and breeze through more complex and dense material.
Language learning.
Not a fluent reader in a language yet? Read with SwiftRead text-to-speech to familiarize yourself with the pronunciation of difficult words while at the same time reading up to 2-3X more efficiently.
"Read" and absorb information without looking at your screen by listening to SwiftRead read the text out loud to you. Absorb information while you do something else (Clean? Doodle?) or just rest your eyes.

"Reading comprehension is difficult for me, but SwiftRead PRO's text-to-speech makes reading so much easier now. Listening to the words as I read them helps me process the text a lot faster. I can finally keep up with all the reading that my professors assign."

Eric H.
University Student

"I can get through (and still remember) reading material in 10 minutes with SwiftRead PRO, whereas before it would take me an hour. I especially like the read aloud feature, which engages both my eyes and ears when reading. That helps me concentrate at a level that I've never experienced before."

Camela M.
Graduate Student

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