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Read your PDFs, ePubs, even Kindle books 2-3X faster

Speed read the most common ebook and web-based document formats and excel at school, work, and life.

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There's so much to read and learn, but not enough time: articles, emails, newsletters, reports, papers, and books. In addition to simple web-based text like emails and articles, SwiftRead also helps you speed read the most common web document and ebook formats such as PDFs, ePubs, and even Kindle books on Kindle Cloud Reader.

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Read. Learn. Done.
Have mountains of online textbook reading assigned by your professors? Or need to read those industry reports to stay ahead in your field? Use SwiftRead to speed through almost any kind of digital text, including PDFs and many different online course and document platforms (e.g. Coursera, edX, Scribd). And finish your reading in a fraction of the time.
Get through your reading list.
Sometimes, reading just piles up and our reading list gets longer and longer. SwiftRead helps you speed read almost any web-based text, PDFs, ePubs, and even Kindle books in Kindle Cloud Reader so that you can breeze through your reading list with ease.

"SwiftRead is the real deal. It helped me go from reading at 270 words per minute to reading at 425 WPM. I love the PRO version because I'm able to speed read not only web pages, but also other documents like PDFs and ebooks in Kindle Cloud Reader."

Jonathan G.
Marketing Manager

"SwiftRead's positive impact on my productivity cannot be overstated. When reading ebooks and documents with PRO, I can immerse myself in the knowledge of my texts and absorb more information, faster. I only wish I had learned about SwiftRead sooner!"

Kevin H.
Software Engineer

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