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How It Works

Absorb information faster with immersive reading

Customize the SwiftRead speed reader software for optimal focus, comfort, and productivity.

Immersive reading for optimal focus, comfort, and productivity

More and more reading is digital nowadays. But it can be incredibly difficult to concentrate: clutter and noise on our devices or in our environment distracts us, screens cause eye strain, and ... . Fully customize your speed reading experience in SwiftRead, everything from colors and fonts, to hotkeys and speed reading behavior, to immerse yourself in the knowledge of the text and absorb more information, faster.

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Distraction-less and focused.
SwiftRead reformats the text that you want to read into a distraction-less reading environment. Customize the look and feel to something that helps you read with focus and comfort. Then, every time you open SwiftRead, it becomes easy to dive into your reading, finish your reading, done.
Immersive and engaging.
With a SwiftRead that's personalized to how you want it to look and behave, reading becomes the immersive and engaging experience that it was always meant to be. When you enjoy reading, you read more, you learn more, and you achieve more in life.

"Speed reading with SwiftRead makes reading engaging. It's also very clean and intuitive to use, and I can customize it the way I want. Reading is more fun for me now. I definitely notice that I'm reading and learning more!"

Michelle S.

"SwiftRead is the best reading experience that I've ever had. It immerses you in this state of "reading flow" where you're calm and laser-focused, almost like a hypnosis. Then you come out feeling amazed at everything you were just able to read."

Kenneth L.

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