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Speed through news, emails, blog posts, online textbooks—any text in your browser—at 2x or 3x the speed, or even faster.

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SwiftRead uses a technique called rapid serial visual presentation, or RSVP, to help you read text faster. By presenting text this way, you reduce sub-vocalization ("sounding the words" out), unconcious re-reading, and eliminate eye movements, which are the main things holding back your reading speed.

Effortless reading, better learning

SwiftRead's distraction-less reading environment is easy on the eyes and is designed to bring you into flow fast when you read. Read effortlessly with SwiftRead, which leaves you more mental energy to absorb what you read.

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Speed read any text

SwiftRead works on new articles, emails, blog posts, online textbooks, pretty much any webpage in your browser. You can also copy-paste any text into SwiftRead to speed read it there.

How much more productive could you be if you could read 2-3x faster?

Here's what speed readers everywhere have to say about SwiftRead

"This is the first review I've ever written for a browser extension. I bloody love this. Saves me so much time. My baseline reading speed used to be around 230 WPM. Using this for only a week I now read at 500 WPM! Ace work."

James H

"I am partially dyslexic and pursuing my doctorate of pharmacy. With SwiftRead I can actually finish reading the online textbook material we're assigned, which I normally would have skipped. SwiftRead has helped me pull up my test scores, and I am eternally grateful."

Wesley W

"Truly revolutionary. I've always been a slow reader due to subvocalization; it's not even an issue with SwiftRead and I can read over three times as fast as I did conventionally. Learn all the things!!!"

Joe K

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