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Read faster now.
Forget time and money-consuming speed reading courses and books. Experience up to 3X faster reading with just a few clicks.
Effortless focused reading.
Just set your desired reading speed (words per minute), press play, and enter reading flow. Absorb the information you want, in no time.
Fully customizable.
Customize fonts, colors, hotkeys, and reading functionality. Read in the way that works best for you.

How it works

SwiftRead optimizes how your brain absorbs text.

SwiftRead presents text in ways that eliminate inefficient reading habits, which leads to a much faster reading speed.

Unleash your reading speed.

SwiftRead uses a technique called rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP), which helps reduce sub-vocalization (”sounding the words” out) and inefficient eye-movements, such as unconscious re-reading.

Faster word recognition.

Customize how certain letters and words are highlighted so that your eyes maintain focus and your brain recognizes the words it sees, faster.

Distraction-less environment

Use SwiftRead to stay focused on reading and understanding faster, instead of having your mental energy sapped by distractions and inefficient reading habits.

Speed read almost anything

Use SwiftRead to speed read almost any text: articles, emails, online course readings, documents, and eBooks. Copy-paste any text into SwiftRead. Your imagination is the limit.

News, email, online courses
NewsEmailOnline courses
Documents and eBooks
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Copy-paste any text
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"I use SwiftRead to get through my reading in a much shorter amount time, while still being able to retain everything. It's a game changer for school. Until I can plug my brain directly into a computer, I'm going to use SwiftRead."

Holly P.
University Student

"SwiftRead is amazing. I need to read and learn mountains of information, everyday. SwiftRead has helped me read faster with better comprehension, and is now an indispensible part of my workflow."

Michael S.

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