How long does it take to read 148 pages?

Answer: the average reader takes about 4.1 hours to read 148 pages.

A single-spaced page usually has around 500 words. The average person's reading speed is around 300 words per minute (WPM). You might take more or less time than 4.1 hours to read 148 pages, depending on your reading speed and the difficulty of your text. Documents that contain 148 pages can include books and novels.

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The typical reading speed for a fluent adult reading for enjoyment is about 300 words per minute. Reading speed usually slows down when reading technical material such as instruction manuals and scientific research papers. Students or professionals who have a lot of reading may need to read at speeds of 450 words per minute or more in order to consume content faster and increase their productivty.

Reading Time by Number of Pages

The table below shows the estimated time to read a given number of pages. The faster you're able to read, the more time you save.

Number of pages🐢 Slow (150 wpm)🙋 Average (300 wpm)🐰 Fast (450 wpm)🚀 Speed reader (600 wpm)
1 page3.3 minutes1.7 minutes1.1 minutes50 seconds
2 pages6.7 minutes3.3 minutes2.2 minutes1.7 minutes
3 pages10 minutes5 minutes3.3 minutes2.5 minutes
4 pages13.3 minutes6.7 minutes4.4 minutes3.3 minutes
5 pages16.7 minutes8.3 minutes5.6 minutes4.2 minutes
10 pages33.3 minutes16.7 minutes11.1 minutes8.3 minutes
25 pages1.4 hours41.7 minutes27.8 minutes20.8 minutes
50 pages2.8 hours1.4 hours55.6 minutes41.7 minutes
100 pages5.6 hours2.8 hours1.9 hours1.4 hours
250 pages13.9 hours6.9 hours4.6 hours3.5 hours
500 pages1.2 days13.9 hours9.3 hours6.9 hours
750 pages1.7 days20.8 hours13.9 hours10.4 hours
1000 pages2.3 days1.2 days18.5 hours13.9 hours

How can I read faster?

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